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Fashion Weeks: The best of the PFW 2015 (Street Style)

ene 30, 2015

"When spring arrives in Paris, the humblest of mortals has the feeling of living in the paradise" Hello everyone! Sorry I c...

VideoBlog+Sorteo- Haul- ¿Qué me han traído los Reyes?

ene 28, 2015

Hello folks! Today I shared with you a super video requested by you, I have received many messages to show you what I have brought at X...

Sorteo Miss Hamptons By Opticalling

ene 27, 2015

Hello everyone. What about your week? I'm almost recovered, but mostly excited because today thanks to Opticaling, you can have ...

I Just Want To Be Free

ene 26, 2015

"Anything is worth if makes us laugh" Hello folks ! I've been sick all weekend, but I'm better and very happy to ...

Fake Chanel

ene 22, 2015

"It's not easy making something look simple. Simplicity is much than harder complexity" Hello folks! It is ending the ...

Summer... Where Are You?

ene 22, 2015

"Just fly who tries it" Its so cold! its impossible to go out without looking like a walking onions right? Lol. I'...

Fashion Pills

ene 20, 2015

"I think that all of you have a little of that beautiful insanity that keeps us walking when everything around from this insanely s...

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