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Mostrando entradas de septiembre, 2015

My Sporty Chic

sept 30, 2015

"The only beauty lies in the eye of the beholder" Many times, we arent aware of how lucky that we are, there are wonderful...

Magical Maxi Dress

sept 29, 2015

Never stop dreaming; your dreams are an essential part of you. Do everything in your power to make them reality-your dreams through...


sept 28, 2015

"You make my life beautiful" Hello folks. I love the message of the today shirt, collects times and not things, are not aw...

The White Lace Dress

sept 27, 2015

"Walking through life I realized that the important thing is not knowing what you have, it is to know who are you" He...

VideoBlog: "5 outfits para el trabajo"

sept 25, 2015

¡Hola amores! Hoy os traigo un video lookbook con 5 ideas para vestir en el trabajo , ya estamos en plena época laboral y el verano aca...

Mustard In Shorts

sept 24, 2015

"I can be the man I want to be ... I can be a woman ... I can be an elder and child at a time ... I can be an atheist and my...

Happy Fall

sept 23, 2015

"I like imperfect people. Those that are unique in their faults and virtues. Those that are outstanding for their skills and revere...

Lo Poco Que Se De La Vida

sept 22, 2015

What little we know about life it is in the books that I never read. The little I know of life is on the lines that I did not write. Th...

Long Life To The Trench.

sept 21, 2015

"Five minutes are sufficient to live a whole life" Hello folks! How about your week? Tomorrow im going with a friend to ...


sept 20, 2015

"I decree HERE AND NOW TO PERMANENTLY reign of love, peace and joy in me and around me, FOR MY HIGHEST PROFIT AND HIGHEST BENE...


sept 18, 2015

Hello folks! I feel the delay, my internet went crazy and could not get up this video before, I show  you today one of my favorite vide...


sept 17, 2015

"Compromise is not a word, is act" Many times I've stopped thinking about the value of compromise, in my view is the w...


sept 16, 2015

"Luck doesnt exist. It works. It gets. The think. You give way. For yourself and for you. Nobody gives anything, everything is in y...

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