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Halloween Made In Spain

oct 31, 2014

¿Halloween Made in Spain? Los españoles somos tan idiotas como para adquirir siempre la cultura Yankie cuando en esta ocasión es básica...

Free Time With My Little Best Friend

oct 29, 2014

"You changed all my life" I love my doggie so much! Whe you hace a pet you understand when I say that my dog is like a chi...

Rocking my new XTI Shoes

oct 28, 2014

"Never give up on a dream, just try to follow the signs that lead you to it"  Since this ending October has been a strang...


oct 27, 2014

"The stronger people always smile"  Hi guys! How about your start of the week? Today I share with you a look that seems p...


oct 24, 2014

"Un viaje de 10.000 km comienza por un sólo paso"

Kiss Me Shoes

oct 22, 2014

"The impossible doesn´t exist, only improbable"  Summer is here again, and today I share with you a new summer and easy lo...

Basics Stylish

oct 21, 2014

"Sometimes we can spend years without living at all, and suddenly our whole life is concentrated in one instant"  I love ...

Masculine Denim

oct 20, 2014

"The story of Cinderella is proof that a good pair of shoes can change your life"  The weekend I went to the theater to se...

Little Mistress Girl

oct 19, 2014

"Are a beautiful people when shared their imperfections, and without any intention to be what they are not"  I needed to ...

The Desire Blog and Shoes And Basics: Fuck Problems

oct 16, 2014

"Smile, you'll see how fun it is to go out when you doing anything different that others"  I love sharing post with f...

New Cut Out Booties

oct 14, 2014

"Life is not perfect, but there are times that are perfect"  This weekend was very special I enjoy to much with my family...

Midi Skirt - Boho Bag

oct 13, 2014

"It was like love at first smile ..."  There are clothes that you wake up a smile when come home, basic, timeless but wit...

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