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Mostrando entradas de septiembre, 2014

Oh Johnny!

sept 28, 2014

"Dont ask what happens if you fall, but what if you fly"  Today Start the week and I am very happy because tomorrow I wi...

Arréglate Conmigo: Perfecta A Clase

sept 25, 2014

"When you come back, you have illusion" I love the feeling that you feel when you come back to the school, i love the chan...

Casual Mini Dress

sept 23, 2014

"Be happy, make your life different, be funny,  do what  you want" Hi friends! what about your week?  I have in my life a...

Mixing Floral Print And Yellow

sept 22, 2014

"Everything you do in life is insignificant, but it is important that you do it because nobody else will do it"  Happy Mo...

Ripped vs Plaids

sept 21, 2014

TIME:  "It's too much for waiting,  large to the sufferer,  short for laughing too fast for one who loves " Today ...

Total Boho In Black

sept 18, 2014

"The most beautiful things are made with love" I love to meet people who share with me our similar passion in life, this ...

Autumn Is Coming

sept 17, 2014

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower" Autumn is coming,  starts raining in cities, its cold and the eart...

Shoulder Off

sept 16, 2014

" Always believe something wonderful it about to happen" Walk  without knowing my destiny, just enjoy the quiet, the scen...

Boho Girl - Folk Style

sept 15, 2014

"Happiness dont reside when all of the people look for it, reside where only few people can see it" I always love the boho...

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