Recap Of The Week XXI

1.Gold Glitter nails
2.Post Wearing Americann Vintage Sweater and Zara Pants, Blazer and Bag.
3.My Favorite bracelets from El Taller de Mir and Link&Love.
4.Anty Vea city Pic.
5.Believe in your dreams.
6.Coffee time with a good company.

Instagram pics of the week. Follow me @shoesandbasics or Here
Mis Fotos realizadas vía Instagram, seguirme @shoesandbasics o pinchando aquí

Hola a todos, como cada Domingo aquí os dejo con mi resumen de los mejores momentos de la semana que voy subiendo y compartiendo a diario con vosotros vía Instagram.

Os dejo con fotos inéditas y con momentos inolvidables de la semana.  
Ahora a disfrutar el Domingo.

¡Os espero en Instagram!

Hello everyone, and every Sunday here I leave you with my summary of the highlights of the week I have uploaded and shared every day with you via Instagram.
I see you on Instagram and tomorrow morning with a new outfit post!

Happpy Sunday! Enjoy!

Im waitig for you on instagram!

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7.Cofee Mornig with my love.
8.Hello seeties!
9.Essie Dark red Nail Polish.
10. New present from Salvador Bachiller, Thank ypu very much.
11.Is Saturday! Im happy!
12.Love fashion. 

13. Lunch Time!
14. Peace and Bracelets.
15. Outfit wearing The hip tee sweater.
16.HappyShoesDay! Glitter and Fashion Wedges.
17,.Love For All.
18.I love salad.

19. Outfit wearing green Zara panst and Zara sweater.
20.Coffee morning! Art late!
21. Outfit wearing my Zara maxy skirt.
22. Hippie Accesories.
23. Life! international day about the fight against breast cancer.
24. Friends dinner.

25. Free inspiration
26. international day about the fight against breast cancer.
27. Outfit wearing sweatshirt trend. I love it!
28. My lovely boyfriend.
29. Little-Id and shoes&basics in the international day about the fight against breast cancer.
30. I love folk trend.

31. 2000 followers on twitter! Thanks!
32. My boyfriend sweet present! SuiteBlanco Bracelets! Soon on My Blog.
33. My doggie has sweet dreams. Good night!
34. Slippers trend. I love it!
35. Relax time.
36. Bye Bye summer.

37. Post wearing sneakers trend.
38. Together...
39.Post wearing Zara total look.
40. Reading...Relax and Peace.
42. Post with my Girls.
43. Eva Zamorano fashion show.

44.Outfit wearing H&M Denim Jacket, Stradivarius pants and Marant inspiration sneakers.
45.Happy Friday, New Way.
46. Post wearing a casual look.
47. Floral Blanco Dress.
48.Good Night.
49. My Girls.

50. Cádiz by Anty Vea Fotography.
51. Details.
52.Good night.
53.Sneakers fall.
54. All you need is love.
55. My favorite outfit of my week.

56. New Present fro Spartoo. New Shoes! Thanks! Soon on the blog.
57. Working.
58. Post wearing AD bag.
59. Love in the morning.
60. XoXo
61. Sweet Dreams.

62. Love You.
63.Relax with my boy.
64. Cat Dream.
65.Magín Dream.
66. Beautiful Cádiz.
67. Coffee Time!

68. international day about the fight against breast cancer.
69. What do you prefer?
70. Super cool inspiration.
71. New Way.
72. Little id and international day about the fight against breast cancer.
73. Lovely pet.

74. Nice Pic.
74. Animal Print Slippers.
75. Rebel Soul
76.Blanco Dress.
77.Week Collage.
78. Boheme...

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  1. Great pics!!!!! Love the golden wedges!!!!

  2. Fine pictures !

    XX Luba
    Well Living BLog

  3. Unas imágenes preciosas.

  4. Me encanta instagram y la imagen de la manicura en dorado es una pasada.
    Un besazo

  5. Lovely posts, love instagram pics! I got the nail polish from 1 photo, it's awesome ;) And do you know where can I get cat slippers? I can't find them anywhere! :(

    Btw, I'd love to hear your opinion about my latest look <3
    Love, B

  6. Hola guapa,
    Genial la selección de imágenes. ;)
    Un beso,

  7. Hola guapa,
    No se me ha publicado el comentario... :S
    Genial la selección de imágenes. Ya tienes una seguidora más. ;)
    Un beso,

  8. Me encanta tu collar!

  9. Love the pics!!! Amazing neon shoes and love the loafers!!

  10. Those coffee pictures look sooo awesome!


  11. What a beautiful pics darling! The nailpolish it's so cool!
    Silvia and Chiara

  12. Que buenas instantáneas de la semana, me han gustado mucho.

    Un besito, Beatriz.

  13. nice pics! thanks for the comment on my blog!
    i love your blog and i follow you ;)
    kiss kiss

  14. hi dear!great blog!i love it!if you want we can follow each other!i follow you i wait you on mhy blog!kiss

  15. Beautiful pics!

    Follow me on Blolovin'.

  16. Great pictures!! Nice post and thanks so much for your comment and for following! I'm following back on gfc and bloglovin!

  17. Dios, me encanta el blog! Y quiero ese pintauñas dorado :( Espero verte por el mio y si te gusta no dudes en seguirme. Un beso guapi

  18. beautiful pictures!!!

    ps, new post!

  19. Great blog!
    Would you like follow each other?
    Let me soon on my blog!

  20. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing these.


  21. followed you on GFC, Bloglovin and just liekd your facebook page:)

    I can't see you liked my page on Facebook - would you mind to try again?:)

  22. how sweet I really liked looking at these pictures and also I love the believe in your dreams picture!!!!
    that is amazing!
    I can't wait to be back to your blog to see some more posts from you in the future!
    you have a great day!

  23. Unas fotos muy chulas!!! Espero que el finde tb haya ido bien :)

  24. Qué bonitas fotos! me encanta tu perrito, es lindísimo :)

    Un besito!

  25. Gracias por tu comentario guapa! :)
    Qué fotos tan bonitas, tienes un blog muy interesante, claro que te sigo ^^

    Un beso!

  26. Great pics!

  27. Me enncantas tus fotos del instagramm ! Son geeeniale :)
    un besiito !

  28. Que pasado de pintauñas!!! Preciosas las fotos :)

  29. Hola guapa, gracias por pasarte por mi blog y seguirme!!Tengo que decir que tu blog me ha encantado, y claro que yo también me quedo aquí!!!
    Un besazo enorme!


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